Domus Aurea

Doumu Aurea: Nero’s house
where, in its greatest splendor, you could admire refined mosaics, marble furniture and even a rotating dining room where guests were surrounded by flower petals and perfumes.
A jewel of architecture where leading artists and historical figures have contributed to decorate this unique palace, with numerous frescoes, ceilings and vaults.
domus aurea
The imperial residence Domus Aurea is now an archaeological site to visit and discover,not only with a traditional tour, but with a true multimedia experience.
A guided tour guided and combined with virtual reality, and a video narration, guarantees the visitor a unique experience of this fascinating archaeological area. Thanks to multimedia installations, video mapping and virtual reality, a visit to the Domus Aurea has become a truly indispensable experience; a true journey through time in one of Rome’s fundamental cultural heritages!