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A hotel in downtown Rome with special offers? Hotel Lirico!

Amongst the hotels in downtown Rome with special offers, the Hotel Lirico is amongst those that offers discounted rates at favorable prices for reservations carried out via internet, for reservations made in advance, for last minute reservations and much more. Amongst the hotels in downtown Rome, it also offers discounted rates for special events such as honeymoons.

Special Offers hotels in Rome

If you are looking for a hotel in downtown Rome that proposes special offers, contact Hotel Lirico. One of the hotels in downtown Rome that in every season offers really convenient discounted rates for a vacation or even a weekend in Rome.

Rome is on special offer! Discover Hotel Lirico’s discounted rates! >>>

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Hotel Lirico | Via del Viminale 31 | 00184 Rome, Italy | Ph. +39.06.48906230 Fax +39.06.48916703 |

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