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11 Juli 2014

Theme Park - Cinecittà World - Hotel Lirico Rome

On July 24, 2014 officially opens to the public Cinecittà Word, the first theme park in Italy dedicated to the world of cinema, designed by Dante Ferretti (Production Designer winner of three Academy Awards)

The space is open every day from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm, offers among other 20 attractions, 8 film sets, 4 theaters, 4 themed restaurants, and with over 260 days of opening annual budget, "ranks as one of the parks with the season opening of Europe's longest '.
Among the various sets are outdoor theaters, laboratories, it will be possible to admire and live in first person:
Cabiria "stuff from blockbuster, The set recreates the temple of the god Moloch, Cabiria from which little is saved by the intervention of Maciste.
"Cinecittà Street": swing and bullets. the visitor dropped in an atmosphere inspired by the New York of the twenties, the era of Prohibition, gangsters, where there are a Barber Shop, in which guests can "transform" into real movie extras.
"Sognolabio", the temple of fantasy ... all for children.
"Eagle IV" ready for battle .... a set of interactive war.
"Erawan" adventure in free fall, with its Drop Tower 60 meters high

"Ennio's Creek" We are all gunmen. We Ennio's Creek, a western village where we find the restaurant-saloon Noon Fire, the game room, the mine, the Church and the classic dusty cemetery
"Altair," eye to extraterrestrials. The set is dedicated to the great film sagas of science fiction and it moves between aliens and humans.
"Aktium" in the shelter of the legionaries. Dedicated to ancient Rome, where the public can try the Water Ride.
And the 4 theaters: Enigma, Darkmare, The Enchanted Projector Ciack and turns.

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Where: Castel Romano (Rome)

Tickets: Euro 29,00 - € 23,00 reduced (children under 10 and over 65)
€ 95.00 Family Package (2 adults + 2 children) 

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