Colosseum – The Virtual Tour –

An unprecedented tour of the Colosseum, a virtual immersive, multi-sensorial, multi-sensorial experience
by wearing Samsung Gear VR Viewers that, through the virtual reality system, and a multilingual software,
will take visitors back in time.

They can thus walk “live” in the square, admiring the majestic statue of Nero,
the Meta Sudans, the Temple of Rome and Venus; inside the arena, between the roar of the fierce lions and
the fights of the gladiators and, finally, inside the mysterious underground.

colosseo virtual tour

A narrative voice in multilingual will accompany the visit of this tour of more than 3 hours between the
Colosseum, the Forum and the Palatine Hill

The tour ends on the ground floor and more precisely at the height of the arena where the last virtual stage
will follow: the visit of the underground, Wearing the VR Visor the visitor will dive through the various
corridors and meet the slaves that silently move to prepare and coordinate all the equipment necessary to
make the show a success, gladiators who prepare the weapons to start the fight, and the detailed
reconstruction of the historic freight elevators, normally invisible to spectators, in use by Domiziano to
Macrino (end I sec.dC-beginnings III AD) instruments used to suddenly project the beasts on the arena, to
animate hunting shows or to execute death sentences.

The visit will follow with access to the Roman forums and the Palatine.