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From 19 June 2014 to 09 August 2014

Art & Culture - Opera and Ballet Summer Season at Terme di Caracalla - Hotel Lirico Rome

The new season of Opera and Ballet at Terme di Caracalla is ready to start.

Representing the world of artistic excellence and the great popularity of opera every year,  this year's season is fully of classic and popular pieces, sometimes revisited with a contemporary twist. from Swan Lake to La Boheme. The season will open on June 24th with the Carmen in the new version, with music of the original Bizet revisited by the Orchestra of Piazza Vittorio.

Other scheduled performances during the summer 2014 will be: Tokyo Ballet (June 27th - 28th) . Swan Lake (July 3rd to July 15th) - La Boheme (July 14th to Aug. 9th) The Barber of Siviglia (July 23th to Aug 8th) and Roberto Bolle & Friends (July 25th).

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Where: Viale delle Terme di Caracalla

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